Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mobile Web

With more and more people using their Mobile Phones, it is rapidly becoming essential to have a Mobile Web Version of any Website, so that you don’t lose a significant proportion of your audience that simply doesn’t want to wait to access a PC or laptop in order to browse your website and do business with you.
It’s estimated that nearly a third of individuals now use their mobile to browse the Internet and this figure will be substantially higher among smart phone users. Surveys predict that mobile phones will account for nearly half of worldwide sales by 2013. This is a surprising figure and it’s safe to assume will radically alter the way consumers interact with the Internet.
We publish our URL everywhere these days; whether it is your stationery, letterheads, advertisements, brochures, visiting cards or our office lobby. It is visible almost everywhere. And there is a group of clients who used to visit Websites the moment they come across their URLs. They immediately want to check them out. So they prefer a Mobile Phone that can easily connect to internet rather than waiting for a computer with internet access. The accessibility on Mobile Phones can enable them to quickly retrieve the needed information, for instance, a list of packages and their details, booking status.
Another important feature is that everybody wants shorter and shorter chunks of information that they can immediately utilize. Mobile phones are the ideal tools for sending and receiving information. That is why you require a toned down version of your Website when it comes to making it accessible to Mobile Phones.
Mobile Technology is cheaply available these days. It will make greater sense if everyday Internet Applications can be used using Mobile Phones.
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IT Professionals In Nepal: Mobile Web

IT Professionals In Nepal: Mobile Web

Thursday, July 10, 2008

IT professionals of Nepal

"over-hyped" IT professionals of Nepal

Everyday I see many of my colleagues and friends in any software company talking in a similar tone and language -> "IT/Software $ucks". They all have same problems --> "What nonsense and useless job is this", "Why don't they send me Onsite", "I have no social life", "My Boss is sick", etc etc... get the drift? Frustration it is.

I see that by every hour of the passing day, the number of people belonging to the "frustrated group" is increasing in every BIG or SMALL company which follows the funda of Outsourcing Process. You'll always find a group of 4-5 folks in the smoking zone or having tea and "cribbing" over these same things over n over again. Finally, they come back to the desk, slog for 12 hrs a day and the same routine is followed the next day as well!!

I keep myself engaged in many extra activities apart from my project work, like conducting games, quizzes in office; moderating this page; etc etc. And I do keep a balance between all the things and feel happy n satisfied at the end of the day. Agreed that many of us don't get into good projects or as per our liking but where does this frustration lead us to? How many of us have ever tried to change things around? Some of the companies have grown so BIG that it is very demanding for them to satisfy the demands of all the employees. So instead of blaming the company, you should take the action so get your life back on track and feel content at the end of the day. Nobody will come and look that you are happy in your job!

Each one might be having a different scenario/work environment and all this also adds to this frustration. I sometimes worry about the impact of so many "unsatisfied professionals" working together for a company. What do you all say?